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Flight from Vancouver to New York City (YVR-LGA)

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Reviews for Vancouver to New York City (YVR-LGA)

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    Worth trying to get to NYC and Times Square

    by ladyjayne on June 19, 2010

    Flight from Vancouver to New York City

    Round Trip
    Number of Stops:
    1 stop in Dallas, Texas
    Date of Flight:
    May 2010
    Seat Class:

    Arrival was easy but 3 hours before hand means getting to airport when no one is around - our flight left at 8.40a.m. Good to travel with buddies for safety.

    Take food as none supplied but free tea, coffee, pop, juice or water. Check out Tim Horton's or other for food and nourishment before boarding.

    Once at Dallas Fort Worth remember which terminal youo're leaving from - can take time to get to other side of airport but nice to take skyrail connection.

    Airline staff on grounds as well as on plane quite friendly and pilot on return flight very easy to understand over loudspeaker. I like that they don't disturb you unless its really important (that's what the Pilot offered).

    Even tho I checked my one piece of luggage and actually put it on the ramp, the one piece of luggage got lost between leaving New York LAG, and arrival in Vancouver, must have been the I love New York stickers that I carefully placed on it for identification! Luggage showed up and was delivered back home within 48 hours, but luggage in disrepair so have no idea where it travelled to without me! Except for the stickers no longer being on the front, all was intact inside so that was nice.

    Wishing there was just a little more space between the aile seat and the middle of the plane - really hate getting my elbow knocked each time the stewards travel down the aile with the trolley.

    Also, if you haven't flown lately, no one takes cash now so one has to pay by debit or credit card if you're buying liquor etc.

    Lastly I hurt my head on return journey as I was planning to sit in centre seat, and before I sat down the movie monitor came down from the overhead cabins and so I banged my head if you are tall (I am 5'10") beware of such monitors falling from the overhead cabins. I could have used some assistance from staff at the time, but everyone was still boarding!

    Check in was quite painless except on return the person I travelled with had to pay more for second piece of luggage.

    I would fly American Airlines again but would likely check additional costs involved regarding costs for luggage checkin and later flight times so I didn't have to arrive before the airport was totally open.

Flown this route before? Write a review
There are approximately 180 flights covering the route from Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver to La Guardia Airport in New York City, provided by as many as 6 airlines.

The following airlines often offer cheap flights from Vancouver to New York City:

Delta Air Lines
American Airlines
Air Canada
United Airlines
Continental Airlines

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