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Reviews for San Francisco to Calgary
3 Traveler Reviews
"united hates its customers!"
Flight from San Francisco to Calgary
Airline: United
RT/OW: oneway
Number of Stops: 1 stop in YEG
Date of Flight: September 2010
Seat Class: economy
Check-in Experience
In-flight Service
Seat Comfort
How to drive clients to other airlines? Start by understaffing very busy ticketing counters (thats right, try to get us to print our own tickets and eliminate costly jobs), and when your system breaks down have guests cue up for long waits. I was at San Francisico at 6 am for an 815 am flight. Should be lots of time right? Not at Unitied. I went to ticketing. Scanned my passport at a machine to get my ticket. No go as "itinery change" (uh oh I think). Computer tells me to pick up the assistance phone. I do and listen to nothing for 5 minutes. I ask the baggage guy if phone works, and he suggests I best get in line to see a real ticket agent. I wait, not too worried as I have time to burn today. The guy in front of me is irrate. There is a senior arguing with a United agent who seems to be getting the guest madder and madder. Its pretty much caos all around. I am entertained if nothing else. twenty five minutes later, I get to an agent. I feel sorry for her at the start. That empathy ends right away. She looks at my print out from Air Canada, a United "partner airline".. I tell her the computer wont scan me in. She hands me back my passport and paper and says "your ticket doesnt match the name on the passport" and is basically ready to punt me out of line. I say, wait a second, your looking at the email address, not my name! She says , "this is an air canada ticket, go see them". I push back my ticket and passport and say, "Nooooooooooo, this is a united Flight booked by Air CAnada. Finanlly she stops fighting with me when she realizes I am correct. She doesnt know why my connecting flight to Vancouver is changed to Edmonton, but blames Air Canada (??????). She also, incorrectly, tells me my bag will be checked all the way to Calgary, which of course was wrong as we had customs to clear in Edmonton. I dont bother arguing. She also says the computer shows 3 other family members on the flight with me. I say, "noooooooooooooooooooo, I cancelled their fights. She said Air Canada must have screwed that up." I dont agure, but am glad to get my ticket to edmonton. She then dings me for the 25 bucks for my bag and away I go. Its now 720. ONLY an hour and twenty minutes to check in!!! I call air Canada from the gate to see what they know. They dont know why united has me on a flight to Edmonton; they still show me booked to Vancouver ??? They also say the family members are in fact cancelled, so dont worry. They essentially blame United for not having the right info. I get to Edmonton and sure enough my bag is there . I pick it up, clear customs, and go to the area to drop the bag for connecting flights. the carosel is not moving but there are bags on it. I see security who says no dont drop my bags, its not open if nobody from the airline is there. He bad mouths United as well, saying they are supposed to turn off the lights in the area if its not being used. Who knows what happend to the bags left there. I guess I could have stolen 3 or 4 if I wanted and nobody would have missed them for hours and hours. I take my back out to air canada to check in for the final flight home. The agent is stunned; she said I should have been ticketed in San Francisico in the morning by United???? She checks the final Edmotnon to Calgary flight. I am not booked on it. She says I am showing as ticketed to Vancouver then Calgary still ??????????????? She does good to get me on the next flight. I get home somehow , on time, with bag waiting. Thanks for the great memory United. Never again.
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There are approximately 62 flights covering the route from SFO International Airport in San Francisco to Calgary International Airport in Calgary, provided by as many as 7 airlines.
The following airlines often offer cheap flights from San Francisco to Calgary
Air Canada
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