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    Mon, October 17, 2016
    Wed, October 19, 2016
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Reviews for New York City to Burlington
1 Traveler Reviews
"Horrible Delta"
Flight from New York City to Burlington
Airline: Delta
RT/OW: roundtrip
Date of Flight: September 2010
Seat Class: economy
Check-in Experience
In-flight Service
Seat Comfort
I bought an airplane ticket to fly from JFK to Burlington, VT on Sept 3 though Delta and I feel very regretful for making that choice. It was the worst flight experiences I have had in years.After check in I had to wait more than three hours on the airport because the flight was delayed several times. When we finally were allowed to board the plane. The y made us go through a tunnel and then get to the ground, check the carry-on and then go up on the plane (It seem like we were going back in time to the 70s). Once on the plane, the seats were super uncomfortable. So a 43 minute flight had already cost me more than 6 hours. Once in Vermont we had to wait for someone to bring our carry-ons. That process took another half an hour. But the poor service does not end here. Things got worse on my way back. On the day of my partner and I got to the airport to checking and we realized that our seats have been changed without any notice and that there was not possibility for change, so we have to sit in separate seats even when we have booked this trip 3 months before. At that moment my frustration started building up. Then comes the check up point. A place where no one seems to have anything to do and their only purpose is to make people upset. They opened my carry-on bag just because I have a box of chocolate I bought in Burlington and they made me wait there for approximately 20 minutes just to make sure that the box of chocolate was OK. Then my partner was asked to remove a acne medical cream she had on her cosmetic back because it was 4 ounces. Can you believe this stupidity! They told her that if she wanted to bring that back to NY she had to pay $25 to check it. I became extremely upset with this idiocicy but I did my best to calm down. So, we proceeded to the gate and asked again if we can get our seats back and they said that was not possible because it looked like they have changed the plane. At that point I just wanted to be done with Delta once and for all, so I went back to my seat and waited. Again we had to go through the same routine of getting to the ground to board the plane and leave our carry-ons with an employee. The flight back was super uncomfortable and when we got to the gate in nyc wwe were told that they could not let us out until the "BUS" that was going to take us from terminal 2 to terminal 20 arrived, so we had to wait approximately 25 minutes inside the plane until the bus arrived. Once outside the plane we noticed that there was nobody outside to help people with the carry-ons so each passenger hadto get their carry on from the cart. "I was really impressed with the excellent service". After that we were allowed into a very dirty bus that took us to the terminal. I was so disapointed with this terrible experience that once I got off from that bus I vowed to never get on a Delta's plane again. If there is something I can advise people on this site is: "Don't fly with Delta Airlines. It is a mess".
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There are approximately 9 flights covering the route from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City to Burlington International Airport in Burlington, provided by as many as 3 airlines.
The following airlines often offer cheap flights from New York City to Burlington
US Airways
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