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Flight from Moncton to Toronto (YQM-YYZ)

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Reviews for Moncton to Toronto (YQM-YYZ)

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    snow cancels return by 48 hrs

    by peppi2011 on March 3, 2011

    Flight from Moncton to Toronto

    Air Canada Jazz
    Round Trip
    Number of Stops:
    No stops
    Date of Flight:
    March 2011
    Seat Class:

    Does Air Canada Jazz have a policy with their pilots to give them 30 min. extra break time when I fly? Both going and coming my flight was delayed 30 min. for "the pilots". Also be prepared if you buy a seat-sale ticket like I did to be the last passenger to be re-booked if/when return flight was cancelled due to weather. I waited 48 hrs for a seat. (without compensation). On the positive side the flight attendants were friendly and professional. In Toronto, Air Canada wants passengers to use the kiosks to check them selves in and print/tag their own luggage AND then stand in line to place said luggage on conveyor belt by ticket agent who has to check your work. Whats up with that?

Flown this route before? Write a review
There are approximately 18 flights covering the route from Metropolitan Area in Moncton to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, provided by as many as 2 airlines.

The following airlines sometimes offer nonstop cheap flights from Moncton to Toronto:

Transwest Air

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