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Flight from Mesa to Moline (AZA-MLI)

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Reviews for Mesa to Moline (AZA-MLI)

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    Hurry up and wait

    by cgm on February 17, 2012

    Flight from Mesa to Moline

    Round Trip
    Number of Stops:
    No stops
    Date of Flight:
    February 2012
    Seat Class:

    I love the convenience of this airline, and each of their flights have been excellent. BUT--the check-in experience at Mesa overshadows some of the high quality of this airline.

    The flight at Mesa leaves at 7, so one leaves the hotel in Phoenix at 5 to arrive within the time frame they have set (check-in closes 45 prior to the flight).

    Arriving 85 minutes early, the check-in line extends out the door of the building--multiple lines--some lines for flights headed to one place, some to another, however the minimal signage indicating where to stand is so far down the line, that it is possible to stand in the wrong line for 10 minutes or more, only to have to go to the end of the right line, starting over.

    Herds of people, awaiting their turn to check in, with no options for priority ticketing that were apparent. (The man behind me forfeited the seat he paid for because he was stuck in the line for so long!) Finally, 15 minutes prior to take-off, we got to security--no time to grab a cup of coffee to take on the plane.

    We walked out to the plane, and again waited in line outside for 5-7 minutes, apparently while handicapped people were seated. (IT was cold!)

    If the airline could only attend to a few amenities in the terminal the experience would be so much more pleasurable. Can't they afford good signage, that could be seen from the end of the line? couldn't there be even a portable coffee/beverage cart, so those who rushed to stand in line could get the cup of coffee they could NOT get on the plane? Couldn't they arrange for those paying for seating to get through the line more quickly so they would have a possibility of actually sitting in the seat they paid for? And on,and on, and on.

Flown this route before? Write a review
There are approximately 1 flights covering the route from Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa to Quad-City Airport in Moline, provided by as many as 1 airlines.

The following airlines sometimes offer nonstop cheap flights from Mesa to Moline:

Transwest Air

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