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Reviews for Harrisburg to Orlando
3 Traveler Reviews
"Rude Ticket Counter Employee!"
Flight from Harrisburg to Orlando
Airline: Allegiant
RT/OW: roundtrip
Date of Flight: June 2013
Seat Class: economy
Check-in Experience
In-flight Service
Seat Comfort
My wife took her mother to Harrisburg International Airport on June 3, 2013 for her return flight to Orlando. Her mother is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's and is forgetful, etc., so my wife wanted to get a "pass" to the gate so she could accompany her mother to the gate without her getting lost or disoriented in the restroom, etc., forgetting to board her flight. Getting a pass is a common procedure/courtesy... but not to the ticketing counter employee. He scowled at my wife, was rude in his comments, and, after he ignored her for 15 minutes, she feared being late; so she left the counter and took her mother to the check in area to get in line. After she got in line, my wife returned to the ticketing counter for a second attempt, and the check-in employee scolded her for leaving the counter. She explained that she had to in order not to miss the flight. She never did get her pass, and tried her best to communicate with her mom via cell phone. I know it's a discount no-frills airline and they charge you for absolutely everything (seat placement, checked bags, even carry on bags), but do they really have to be that rude on top of it!?
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