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Cheap Romance on the River Main

In case the fact has somehow escaped you, United and Lufthansa are about as close as two airlines can be without actually getting hitched (and they probably would if only they could get Uncle Sam's blessing). They make no secret of their true affections, and to flaunt their deep commitment and spread the love around a bit, as it were, they're doing their very best to entice you to come to the city where they first met—Frankfurt, Germany.

Hardly the City of Love by any stretch of the imagination, it's really more the kind of place where money talks and at these prices you should definitely listen up, because some of these fares are good enough to have you seeing stars too, or at least dollar signs.

Currently starting at $420 with taxes from New York for November travel and $470 from Boston for September departures, they are available on non-stop United/Lufthansa code-share flights from many of Lufthansa's U.S. gateways, and most likely from a host of other airports with connections on United. From some cities we have only found the best fares on a couple of days, while from others they are more plentiful.

As with any any relationship, this one has its ups and downs, and these fares do seem to fluctuate daily, so if you're not ready to make a commitment just yet, you should at least keep your eyes open.
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New Service to London Stansted on American

On October 28, American Airlines will become the first major airline to offer daily non-stop service to London Stansted, Europe's leading discount-airline hub.

The single-terminal layout of London's third major international airport makes it a much more convenient transfer point than either Gatwick or, especially, Heathrow; and with the most competitive routes and lowest fares by far to practically anywhere on the continent, it's a great gateway to Europe.

Fares from New York JFK currently start at a decent but hardly great $528 round-trip with taxes, about the average going rate to London, but this could change as the launch date approaches.

As we've mentioned before, Air Canada can get you there for about $75 less—but obviously not non-stop—and flying Zoom can save you $30. Also, keep in mind that there are better deals to be had to a number of other European destinations, many of which you will find on our New York page.
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Getting Baby On Board

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, August 23, 2007

Think it's stressful traveling with your children? Don't chew your nails to bits just yet. There may come a day when you have to send Junior off into the wild blue yonder all by himself. What's to know before sending your sweet mannered minor into the skies? Here's the lowdown:

  • Paperwork and Identification: Most airlines request proof of age for your child, as well as your own ID. Expect a marathon of forms to be filled at check-in, which ask for the name, address, and phone number of the adult picking up your child upon landing. Some airlines, like United Airlines, will want this information even before you arrive at the airport so do call ahead.

  • Age Restrictions: All US airlines agree that all unaccompanied minors must be over 5 years old. The upper limit, though, is different depending on the airline. Some airlines—like AirTran, Spirit, and United Airlines—will allow children to travel alone at 12 years old. Others, like Delta, American, Northwest, and Frontier agree that 15 is a more appropriate age.

  • Children Under Five: Even though these children can’t travel alone, some airlines allow them to travel with a young sibling. For example, Frontier Airlines will allow a child less than five years old to travel as long as he/she is with someone over 15 years old.

  • Fees: Sending away the kiddies unaccompanied comes with a fee. unless you’re flying with Southwest Airlines. JetBlue, AirTran, and Alaska Airlines charge less, at $25-$30 each way, while United Airlines charges $99 each way. On average, most airlines will charge about $40-$60 each way.

  • Escorting your child: Airlines expect the adult at the departure airport to accompany the child to the gate, and wait until the plane has left. You can pick up an escort pass to ease through security at the time of check-in. The adult at the destination airport will often be granted access to the gate terminals to meet the child as he or she exits the plane. Otherwise, an attendant will escort the child to the designated arrival area. The adult receiving the child should be at the airport 20 minutes prior to the arrival time, and have proper identification.

  • International Flights: Rules, fees, age restrictions, and necessary documentation are different for change for international flights. Double-check the requirements before sending an unaccompanied minor abroad.

  • Optional Assistance: If you think that your 12 or 15 year old still shouldn’t be traveling all alone, then you can request assistance for your unaccompanied minor. This service is usually available for children up to 17 years old.

  • Connecting vs. Non-stop: Some airlines, like Frontier, JetBlue, and Southwest will not allow your child to travel alone on connecting flights. Most others will allow children to fly on connecting flights if they are 8 or more years old. However, you’ll be charged extra for that connection. For example, Continental charges $50 for a direct flight and $95 for a connecting flight.

  • Red-eye Flights: Most airlines don’t allow unaccompanied minors on red-eye flights or on the last flight of the day. These restrictions can vary, depending on the destination and flight length.

  • The More the Merrier: It’s customary for airlines to charge the unaccompanied minor fee only once, when two or more minors travel together.

To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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Air Canada to Shanghai and Beijing from $866 RT

As we described below, Air Canada is currently the price leader for trans-Atlantic travel to London and the airline is now assuming the same position across the Pacific to Shanghai and Beijing.

Prices start at $866 with taxes from the West Coast and Denver, and $45-65 more from most other major U.S. airports, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington (notable exceptions are Dallas, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, and Phoenix).

These fares are good for fall travel starting late August or early September and are so far only available directly from Air Canada. No other airline appears to be matching, let alone beating Air Canada's prices, but there are a couple of interesting non-stop alternatives:
Los Angeles Shanghai China Eastern $834 Nov. 1 Avail. earlier for $70 more
Newark Beijing Continental $857 Oct. 23  
Chicago Shanghai American $997 Sept. 3  
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Air Canada to London from $460 RT

Now that the recent spate of fare sales to London is winding down, Air Canada resumes its reigning role as price leader to Britain. The Almost Indecent sale that started in the spring officially ended July 17, but the "indecent" fares continue to be available from almost anywhere in the U.S. that Air Canada touches down, starting early September through to early March except for peak holidays.

Prices currently range from $460 in the Northeast to $600 in the South and on the West Coast, all including taxes, but they do fluctuate mysteriously from day to day and since we cannot check all possible combinations every day you may find a fare that's a few dollars off to either side of what we list.
Categories: Europe/Africa/Middle East Airfares

Allegiant adds new Routes

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scrappy little Allegiant Airlines, which sells seats only on its own Web site, is now selling tickets on some of its newly announced nonstop routes. These include:

Be warned that Allegiant charges for checked luggage and advance seat assignments, but if you travel light, at these fares, who cares?

To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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British Airways London sale anomalies

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's something very interesting. You know how we often tell you to search individual airline sites? Well that is a good idea. But not always. British Airways is having a sale to London right now, so we searched on their site for New York JFK to London leaving Sept 5 returning Sept 11, and as you can see we saw crazy high fares of $824 using their flexible date search:

Same itinerary on BA via Orbitz? A much more reasonable $571 RT. But, as a reader pointed out, this difference is because BA's flexible search is showing refundable fares

So if you're one of these people who never uses third-party travel sites, think again. As you can see, American has an even lower fare for this late summer itinerary.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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$20 off USA3000 fares

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Use promo code AFFORDABLE when booking any flight on USA3000 between now and Aug. 29 for travel through Nov. 15 and you'll save $20 off a roundtrip fare.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Spirit Airlines $8 sale ends midnight ET

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yes, you really can book these fares, if you travel on the right dates. We've found Atlantic City to Las Vegas nonstop for $152 RT including taxes; Ft. Lauderdale to Vegas for $108 RT including tax; and Washington to Nassau for $276 RT including tax. So take a look at the site, where the exact travel days are spelled out. If you're a member of Spirit's $9 fare club, you'll save even more.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Save $20 on on USA3000 for Fall

Posted by Jonathan Weinberg on Tuesday, August 14, 2007

USA3000 airlines is offering $20 off on a roundtrip flight anywhere they fly.  This offer is valid through August 29th. for flights until November 15th.

Click here to book directly at their website.  Be sure to enter in the word AFFORDABLE in the Promo Code box on the search page.  Also be sure to check the Flexible Traveler box in order to find the best deal over a range of dates.

Categories: Domestic US Fares
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