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Spirit Airlines sale ends midnight tonight ET

Posted by George Hobica on Monday, July 30, 2007

These sale fares aren't as headline grabbing as their $1 or 8 cent fares, but they're easier to come by, and still pretty good. Travel Tue/Wed/Sat August 14 to Feb 13.

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Spirit Airlines sale from $2 roundtrip ends midnight July 28

Posted by George Hobica on Friday, July 27, 2007

There aren't too many $1 fares in this sale, but we did find a doable trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Montego Bay and back for $2 RT plus about $88 in taxes. Even if you can't find a suitable $2 round-trip that works for you, many of these fares are good. But act fast.

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Categories: Domestic US Fares, Caribbean/Mexico/Latin America Airfares

10% Discount on Iberia

Iberia is taking 10% off all fares from its U.S. gateways in Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York, and Washington for members of its frequent-flier program, Iberia Plus. Iberia already has some very competitive prices, not just to Spain but to a number of destinations in Europe and Africa, so it's definitely worth signing up for.
This offer is available directly from Iberia until August 2 for travel between September 10 and December 5.

Some of the Iberia fares we currently have listed are:


Boston Madrid $720
Boston Barcelona $720
Chicago Madrid $590
Chicago Barcelona $590
Miami Madrid $580
Miami Barcelona $587
New York JFK
Madrid $655 and $715
New York JFK
Barcelona $633
Washington Madrid $738
Washington Barcelona $738
New York JFK Dakar $1096
New York JFK Johannesburg $1021
New York JFK Lagos $1023
New York JFK Moscow $683
Washington Moscow $839

Note: These fares are current as of July 27, but subject to change. As always they include all taxes, but do not reflect the 10% discount available to Iberia Plus members only. All flights to Madrid are non-stop.
Categories: Europe/Africa/Middle East Airfares

New Year's in New Zealand & Summer in Australia

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hey, what are you doing New Year’s Eve? Oh, don’t worry, we aren’t asking you out or anything. I mean, not that we haven’t considered, uhm, asking you out before. You’re great, oh, and really smart too, but really we just wanted to tell you about an Air New Zealand sale on New Year’s travel, see? Depart from Los Angeles December 25 through December 29, or December 31 for $1,428 round-trip to Auckland. Better still, this sale includes a free stopover in Fiji or the Cook Islands. And remember, this is all peak season over there. Sample fares include:

• San Francisco to Auckland for $1,538 round-trip

• Los Angeles to Christchurch for $1,527 round-trip

• San Francisco to Queenstown for $1,726 round-trip

• Los Angeles to Wellington for $1,504 round-trip

Book by July 31, and remember that flights from L.A. to Fiji only operate on Mondays, and to the Cook Islands only on Sunday. Seats are pretty limited on return flights in the beginning of January, so you may be coming home later than you’d like.

If you just can’t wait for New Year’s, Air New Zealand is having another sale on late summer travel to Australia. The same stopover deal applies to these fares too:

Los Angeles to Sydney for $1,027 round-trip, including all taxes

San Francisco to Sydney for $1,115 round-trip, including all taxes

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Air France fall sale falls short

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, July 26, 2007

Air France is having a sale on fall travel to international destinations from select U.S. cities. Tickets must be purchased by August 17 for departures from September 10 to October 28. But before you go booking anything, let’s have a look at their sample fares vs. our findings:

  • Philadelphia to Paris $402 each-way. We found the advertised each-way fare of $402 readily available for most of September, and chose the 18th through the 25th as our travel dates. That comes to about $905 round-trip, taxes and all. The best we found on Orbitz for these same dates is $851 round-trip, including tax, on a United/Lufthansa share.
  • New York to Athens $366 each-way. Again, the advertised fare is easy to find throughout the flexible search calendar. We chose October 12 through October 20, giving us a fare of $879 round-trip, including taxes. We checked Orbitz for the same trip and found a fare of $817 round-trip, with taxes, on Olympic Airlines, non-stop.
  • Los Angeles to Rome $473 each-way. Departing October 15 and returning October 26, that $473 each-way, with taxes, comes to a whopping $1,056 round-trip. American Airlines has this same trip for a slightly lower $1,045 round-trip on Orbitz.
  • Seattle to Paris $527 each-way. Using October 2 through October 10 as our dates of travel, we found $525 each-way, or $1,157 round-trip, including taxes. We checked Orbitz and found a lower fare of $899 round-trip, with taxes, on Scandinavian Airlines.
  • Boston to Prague $423 each-way. For October 15 through October 25, we found a $396 each-way fare available on the flexible search calendar, givinAAirAg us a total of $908 round-trip, including taxes. By plugging these dates into Orbitz, we were able to find a lower fare of $785 round-trip, taxes and all, on a United/Czech Air share.

As you can see, these Air France “sale” fares were higher in every case we checked. Unless you’re especially loyal to Air France, we say there are lower fares to be had.

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Even travel agents love us

Posted by George Hobica on Thursday, July 26, 2007

This just in from Dory, a travel agent in Detroit:

I am a home-based travel agent and do not have enough time to monitor airfare-only requests for my growing list of clients. Airfare Watchdog is a wonderful assistant for me in this area. I recently began helping my clients to understanding your site so they can do more of their own monitoring, which frees up more time for me to do research in other more involved areas of travel. I can include them in my mailings. At least 100 cards for me, please. I will be anxiously awaiting your business cards for immediate distribution. Thanks!

If you'd like our little business cards to pass out to friends and family, order some here!

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Frontier Airlines sale ends July 27

Posted by George Hobica on Thursday, July 26, 2007

Frontier Airlines is having a sale for travel Aug 21 to Nov 7, with lowest fares Tue/Wed/Sat for US/Canada travel and Mon-Thu for Mexico travel.

These fares are decent but not astounding, and other airlines have matched.


  • Memphis to Orlando $118 RT (Frontier, a Denver-based airline, flies the route nonstop, which surprised us)
  • St. Louis to Phoenix $168 RT (but wait! Frontier has a lower fare for $159 RT travel any day of the week through Nov 14--just one of those quirky things)
  • and Jacksonville/Denver for $199 RT, which every airline offers but only Frontier services nonstop.

This sale ends midnight MT on July 27.

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Categories: Domestic US Fares, Caribbean/Mexico/Latin America Airfares

$24 Off for 24 Hours on Spirit

Posted by Jonathan Weinberg on Thursday, July 26, 2007

Spirit Airlines is offering $24* off a roundtrip fare until midnight tonight (ET).  This offer is valid on all flights from September 4, 2007 through June 30, 2008.  Just enter 24HOURS in the Promotion Code box on the homepage when booking your flight.

*Note that online bookings via Spirit's website normally receive a $5 discount each way, so the discount is actually $14 on a roundtrip fare.

Categories: Domestic US Fares

New Spirit Airlines $8 fares

Posted by George Hobica on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As seemingly happens each week around this time, Spirit has released a bunch of $8, $44, $66 and $88 one-way fares. And as usual, you may only find the low fares in one direction, not in both. Check out the latest deals, which go off sale at Midnight ET July 25.

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Airline CEOs Unleashed

Posted by George Hobica on Monday, July 23, 2007

Live from the National Association of Business Travelers convention here in Boston, I thought you'd find this interesting. Peter Greenberg, NBC Today Show travel editor, did a live on stage interview with Bob Crandall, former CEO of American, and Gordon Bethune, former CEO of Continental. They got a lot of laughs (hey, they should take this show on the road). But airline travel today is no laughing matter, both men agreed. And this is what they told the NBTA membership, in no particular order:

  • 1. The air traffic control system in this country is broken and our politicians have  little or no interest in fixing it. We need to invest billions to modernize it.
  • 2. We are to blame however for not calling, writing and otherwise nagging them to fix it.
  • 3. An airline bill of rights is a bad idea, because the same government that made a mess of the air traffic problem would also screw up a bill of rights.
  • 4. Although both men are anti-regulation, they admit that we do need to reduce the number of take offs and landings per hour at major airports until we can fix the air traffic system, which will take years. "You can't put 120 pieces of metal an hour on a runway built to handle 80," says Mr. Crandall.  That's the only feasible short term solution to reducing delays.
  • 5. Mr. Crandall does believe that airlines should be held accountable for horrendous (as in 5 hour) runway imprisonments. But he didn't say what the penalties should be.
  • 6. All these new airlines (Skybus, EOS, Virgin America) are doomed to failure. These guys probably own stock in their former carriers though. Mr. Bethune: "As P.T. Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute."
  • 7. The Airbus 380 double decker super jumbo is doomed to failure. Airline passengers want to fly nonstop point to point on smaller planes like the new Boeing 787, rather than connecting, and will not enjoy waiting in line with 600 other passengers to board, disembark, and go through customs. No US airline will ever by the A380.
  • 8. Mr. Crandall opined that airline alliances (Star Alliance, Oneworld, Skyteam) have been a disaster for the US airline industry, especially the big carriers that fly internationally. Mr. Bethune thought otherwise.
  • 9. You'd have to be a fool to own airline stocks.
It was a refreshing exchange of what seemed to be honest opinions. This is what happens when airline CEO's are unedited.

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