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Southwest Airlines now welcoming pets on board

Posted by George Hobica on Friday, May 29, 2009

If you were an airline and you could earn an extra $375 per flight by at long last agreeing to accept pets in the cabin, wouldn't you? Why of course. So Southwest Airlines is finally agreeing to allow pets in the cabin at a charge of $75 for each four pawed critter. Of course, it's not just the extra revenue. Pet owners who are loyal to Southwest have been asking for this for years. The new policy takes effect on June 17.

Up to five pets will be allowed on each flight, although that number is subject to change. If you do bring a pet on board, the carrier and creature will count as your carry on. Pets must remain in their containers for the duration of the flight ("This policy will be strictly enforced," warns Soutthwest.)

Fees are non refundable and cannot be applied towards future travel, and pet space must be reserved in advance. Full details here.

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Spirit Airlines - Domestic & International Fare Sale

Posted by Tim Charters on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spirit is bound and determined to get you to travel on their airline this year! Spirit Airlines has another fare sale going on for the routes they cover. This promotion is courtesy of Cheapano Fibonacci, one of their mascots for cheap fares.

Book by 11:59PM, Friday, May 29th. Available dates vary by city - summer, late fall and even into 2010. 7-day advance purchase.

For $9 Fare Club Members:

One-way fares start at $1 for a select few routes (Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando or Freeport) and range up to $89 for some international routes. Most of the sale fares are between $2 and $21 each way.


There are airfares on sale for you as well. Go to Spirit's fare sale and scroll half way down the page. One-way fares start at $21 for a select few routes and range up to $109 for some international destinations. The majority of  the sale fares fall between $28 and $41 each way.

Tired of missing out on the really cheap flights? Become a member of Spirit's $9 Fare Club (annual fee of $39.95 required). 


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Atlanta Night Owl Sale on AirTran

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Live in the Atlanta area and don't mind taking the late flight out of town? AirTran is having a sale on one-way flights departing Atlanta Hartsfield after 10:00 pm, with fares starting at just $29. Please note that this sale is only good for one-way flights from Atlanta, and is not valid for return flights. Still, you should have no trouble stringing together a reasonably priced ride home, be it on AirTran or another carrier.

All flights must be booked by May 29, for travel through September 8. Tickets require a 14-day advance purchase and are valid for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday travel. Mind the blackout date, July 2.

Atlanta to Boston $39 one-way

Atlanta to Chicago $49 one-way

Atlanta to Los Angeles $99 one-way

Atlanta to Miami $49 one-way

Atlanta to Philadelphia $49 one-way

Atlanta to Raleigh/Durham $29 one-way

Atlanta to St Louis $49 one-way

Atlanta to Indianapolis $29 one-way

To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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Allegiant Sale to Vegas

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quick! Grab a toothbrush and a roll of quarters, toss 'em in your favorite fanny pack and meet us at the slot machines. Allegiant has some pretty snazzy summer fares to Las Vegas, for as little as $38 round-trip. $38?! With your luck, you'll rake in twice that in your first 30 minutes at the craps table. And that's before we even factor in the value of all those free margs you so enjoy drinking. These fares are good for June and July travel, and we don't imagine they'll last long, so put the pedal to the metal, people.

Billings to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Bismark to Las Vegas $178 round-trip

Bozeman to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Casper to Las Vegas $38 round-trip

Colorado Springs to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Fresno to Las Vegas $38 round-trip

Ft Collins to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Grand Forks to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Grand Island to Las Vegas $58 round-trip

Grand Junction to Las Vegas $78 round-trip


To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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JetAmerica Launching Low-Fare Service this July

Posted by Tim Charters on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get on the plane. We've got to go!

A possible slogan for JetAmerica, the newest airline to enter the low-cost carrier market. After several delayed launches over the past few months, JetAmerica will start flight operations this July. Originally, JetAmerica was slated to be called "Air Azul" but that name was too similar to "Azul", the new Brazilian low-cost carrier started by JetBlue founder, David Neeleman. Besides just settling on a name, the airline kept delaying its launch for various operational reasons and went on to provide refunds to those passengers who had purchased tickets.

Could JetAmerica become the new Skybus 2.0? John Weikle, JetAmerica's founder and CEO, was the previous founder of Skybus. Weikle left the company shortly before the airline launched in 2007. Not able to overcome high fuel prices, Skybus ceased operations in April 2008, less than a year after it started. To combat high fuel costs, JetAmerica has received subsidies, waived airports fees, and marketing/advertising assistance from four of the airports they will initially service.

Airports, Routes & Start Dates:

JetAmerica is hoping to avoid major competition with the larger airlines by focusing on smaller, underutilized airports such as Lansing, MI; Melbourne, FL; South Bend, IN; and Toldeo, OH.

On their website, JetAmerica refers to the Melbourne International Airport (MLB) as "Orlando Melbourne". We're assuming that this is just a marketing ploy, hoping Melbourne can ride the coattails of Orlando and its famous amusement parks. Melbourne is roughly 55 miles southeast of Orlando.

Starting Monday, July 13th, JetAmerica will start 28 non-stop flights a week and, within a month, fly 34 flights per week across all six airports. Here are the routes and their associated start dates:

Flying From: Flying To:

  • Lansing, MI (LAN) Newark (starts July 13th)
  • Lansing, MI (LAN) Orlando Melbourne (starts July 18th)
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) Toledo (starts Aug. 14th)
  • Newark (EWR) Lansing (starts July 15th)
  • Newark (EWR) Orlando Melbourne (starts July 14th)
  • Newark (EWR) South Bend (starts July 16th)
  • Newark (EWR) Toldeo (starts July 13th)
  • Orlando Melbourne (MLB) Lansing (starts July 18th)
  • Orlando Melbourne (MLB) Newark (starts July 14th)
  • Orlando Melbourne (MLB) Toledo (starts July 7th) *
  • South Bend, IN (SBN) Newark (starts July 16th)
  • Toledo, OH (TOL) Minneapolis/St.Paul (starts Aug. 14th)
  • Toledo, OH (TOL) Newark (starts July 13th)
  • Toledo, OH (TOL) Orlando Melbourne (starts July 14th)

*JetAmerica's website has a July 7th flight from Orlando Melbourne to Toledo, six days before the official launch. Our guess? They have to get the jet plane from Florida to Ohio in order to launch the airline.

Taxes & Fees:

JetAmerica's website breaks out every tax and fee associated with the flight. Look within the flight summary and click on the link called "Taxes and Fees". Yet, we found two different sets of posted taxes and fees. Comparing the two, one set of taxes and fees provides the maximums for each fee you can be charged while the other states what you will be charged. Confused already? Don't worry. We'll skip to the end regarding fees.

We've looked into booking a few tickets and here are the fees associated with a flight on JetAmerica. The taxes and fees listed below are per person each way. Double everything for a roundtrip.

$5.00 - Online Booking Convenience Fee
$10.00 - Advance Reserved Seat Selection

$3.60 - Federal Excise Segment Tax
$2.50 - September 11th Security Fee
$4.50 - Passenger Facility Charges
$?.?? - Federal Excise Tax (tax varies per selected fare)

Reserve your ticket by telephone and JetAmerica will charge an additional $10 per reservation.

Special Services Fees:

Special Services Fees may or may not apply to your flight on JetAmerica. If you need one of the special services listed below, please note that you have two dropdown columns to complete for your round trip. You do not want to only book your bicycle one-way and run into a problem at the airport upon your return.

Weird Note: JetAmerica's website allows one passenger to have up to two Lap Children per flight. Would they actually allow a mother or father to sit with two small children on their lap?

$9 Fare Promotion:

JetAmerica has begun $9 seats on all their flights. Is it truly $9 or the typical airline gimmick to get your attention? It's true, but it comes with a catch. The first nine customers for JetAmerica flights will be offered the $9 fare. We've checked a few flights over the next several months and that fare is offered. If you miss out on the $9 fare, the other fares range from $39-$79 each way.

Even though my father was a math teacher, it must be my inability to count correctly. After finding a $9 fare in both directions, the cost of the fare alone was $16.74 when it should have been $18. I'm not sure why this happens, but it'll save you $1.26. Enough for a pack of gum at the airport. They'll probably fix it soon enough.

The Future of JetAmerica?

JetAmerica is starting with one aircraft - a leased Boeing 737-800 that will seat roughly 190 passengers. One plane will be used to fly all these routes with each day's flight schedule starting and ending in Toledo. The airline expects to add a second plane within the first month of operations and possibly three more planes in the first year.

What's the worst that could happen? You could end up waiting for hours in the airport. One delayed plane could cause a ripple affect with that day's flight schedule if the plane breaks down or weather conditions prevent JetAmerica from flying to the next city on time.

Furthermore, this new low-cost carrier is organized as a "Public Charter Operator (PCO)". A PCO does not have any interline agreements with other airlines. If your flight is canceled, you do not have any options to jump on another airline with your purchased ticket. If you get stranded and are bound to a tight travel schedule, you'll basically have to buy a ticket from another airline to get to your destination. A risk passengers must be willing to take when buying cheap airfare.

Starting any business is a tough challenge in and of itself, let alone starting an airline from scratch. JetAmerica officials talked with the Toledo Blade newspaper this week about possibly expanding to include airports such as Baltimore, Chicago Midway, Cincinnati, Clearwater (FL), Columbus (OH), Dayton, Greensboro, Hartford, Pittsburgh, and Rockford (IL). A tad ambitious at this point to talk about expanding into other markets since they experienced several delays in getting the airline even launched.

Another article from The Columbus Dispatch addressed JetAmerica's troubled past and details concerning one of the airline's investors from their parent company, Sun America Inc. It also mentioned the past failure of John Weikle to get Air Azul up and running.

With a past filled with delays and questions about financing. JetAmerica might have even a harder time breaking into the airline business and attracting customers. Let's hope they get up and running with their first six markets so we don't have to go through another Skybus fiasco.

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Expedia to scrap all fees, permanently

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember back in March when Expedia and some of the other OTA guys announced they'd be temporarily suspending booking fees? Right. Well, turns out that's going permanent. No more booking fees, and no more change fees or cancel fees on any hotel, car rental, cruise reservations, and the majority of flight reservations. Will the other sites follow? They did last time. As it stands, Orbitz flight booking fees range from $6.99 to $11 and Travelocity charges $5 to $15. And don't forget, change fees mentioned are additional to whatever wacky and infuriating fees your airline will impose.

To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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User Guide for a Flexible Dates Search on JetBlue

Posted by Tim Charters on Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jet Now, Jet Later. Here's our guide to finding airfares on JetBlue if you have some flexibility with your travel dates.


1. Go to JetBlue's homepage.

2. In the middle of the website, you'll see a white box in which to search for a flight.  The website automatically defaults to a Round trip flight. If you need a one way ticket, click on the bullseye marked One way.

3. Select your Departure city in the field marked Where from?. Select your Return city in the field marked Where to?.

4. Choose your initial date to leave and date to return. Choose the number of adults and children traveling. Click on the Search button to start your search.

5. Results: JetBlue will provide you with airfares and flight details for the travel dates you initially selected. Scroll down the pages to see the possible choices for Return Flights.

Along the top of the results, you will see tabs for flights 3 days before and after your travel date. A whole week's worth of flights. If you would like to look at flights farther out from your travel dates, click on the link marked "Previous 7 days" or "Next 7 days". Check out alternate dates by clicking on the date's tab and see if the airfare is lower.

Select the Departure and Return Flight that will meet your travel needs by clicking on the bullseye by each flight. Click on the Continue button located at the bottom of the screen to start confirming your flight.

6. JetBlue will display your itinerary and the total cost for the flight including taxes and fees. Check the box after you have read the fare restrictions. To confirm the flight, sign-in if you are a TrueBlue member - or - select the Confirm Itinerary button if you are not a member.

7. Complete the next pages concerning traveler and payment information. An email confirmation will be sent once the flight has been confirmed.

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Iberia Airlines Summer Sale to Europe

Posted by Tim Charters on Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Surpisingly, good deals to Europe can still be found for summer. Iberia has some cheap airfare offers on flights to Europe. Find out all the cities on sale. Select your Origin city, click Search and see what offers are still out there for travel to Europe.

Here are some sample airfares we found for travel in June and/or July (taxes included):

  • Boston to Lisbon - $718 RT
  • Chicago to Madrid - $641 RT
  • Los Angeles to Barcelona - $718 RT
  • New York to Madrid  - $631 RT
  • Washington DC to Barcelona - $543 RT

Iberia has a great website that will allow you to quickly see the fares on various departure and return dates - and you can quickly click on other months to see additional dates/fares. Take note of the highlighted dates in orange as those will be the lowest rates possible for the route. 

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Spirit Airlines $50 Off Promo Code

Posted by Tim Charters on Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back by popular demand. Save up to $50 on any Spirit Airlines fare for travel June 16th to November 17, 2009. This is the second time this week they's used this promotion - so who knows - it may or may not be back again.

This promo ends tonight at midnight. The promo code is SAVE50 - all caps, no spaces.

By booking at their website, you'll always save $10 on any fare versus using Travelocity, Kayak or Orbitz. That $10 will be reflected in the posted fares - so you'll save an additional $40 with this promo. $9 Fare Club Members will receive the $50 discount, while non-members will receive $32 off.

Hurry - the promo code is only good for till midnight.

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Frontier Airlines 3-Day Sale

Posted by Tim Charters on Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frontier Airlines is having another 3-day sale fare with most of the best deals going to/from Denver. Purchase tickets by Thursday, May 28th. 10-day advance purchase. Travel must be completed between June 4 and November 4, 2009.

Lowest fares on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  Blackout dates => July 2-3, 5-6, 2009 and September 3-4, 2009. Click here for Frontier's route map.

Sample Denver round trip fares include:

Altanta (ATL) - $238 RT

Boise (BOI) - $158 RT

Chicago Midway (MDW ) - $178 RT

Detroit (DTW) - $198 RT

Las Vegas (LAS) - $138 RT

Los Angeles (LAX) - $138 RT

Sacramento (SMF) - $158 RT

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