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New Features & Coming Attractions

Posted by Tracy Stewart on Friday, March 28, 2008

The people have spoken! You like your city-to-city alerts, but it seems that a lot of you would like the option of receiving alerts for nonstop flights only. None of this connecting flight/layover mumbo jumbo for you, no sir. And some of you mentioned that you'd like to slim down your alerts to include just fares for your preferred airport, instead of from all nearby airports. Great idea! We're working on that one too, and should have these new features out to you very soon.

Anything else you'd like to see from us? Suggestions? New features? Hydrolics? You're obviously a smart people (not to mention, attractive!) and we love to hear your ideas, so do let us know. Comment below.

To learn more, visit Tracy Stewart's profile on Google+

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Don't Miss This Sweet Swiss Deal

Switzerland may be one of Europe's pricier destinations, but getting there doesn't have to be. Qatar Airways' new non-stop service from Newark to Geneva is keeping prices in check and forcing cool Swiss International to play a very uncool game of bait-and-switch by advertising low fares that just aren't available for purchase.

Coming in at under $750 including taxes, this is one of the best deals we've seen to continental Europe so far this year, easy to find all summer long, from Memorial Day through Labor Day, even for weekend travel, although you might have to stretch your budget by $40 to get a wider selection of dates in July.

Even if you can't afford to stay, Geneva-based Flybaboo, reportedly one of Europe's best low-fare airlines, can get you out of town in style, and Easyjet is expanding their already sizable hub here with 8 new routes this summer, bringing the total destinations served close to 40. And should you've had your fill of flying, you'll be close enough to France to walk the 6 miles to the border and within easy driving range of Italy and Germany.

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New Routes to Europe

To commemorate the new Open Skies Treaty we have compiled a list of new non-stop transatlantic routes.




Categories: Europe/Africa/Middle East Airfares

Should there be a separate section on the plane for parents with small children?

Posted by George Hobica on Sunday, March 23, 2008

So far in our new reader survey, a whopping 91% of you think it's a good idea. We'll be sharing the poll results with the airlines and media.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Thai Fares to Die For

If you're looking to get some serious Bangkok for your buck, we've found a handful of great bargains for you. At up to almost half off prevailing rates from some cities, it's like getting a two-fer for you and your Siamese twin (or cousin or spouse or significant other).

This great floating city has it all, from palaces to temples to brothels, but whether your taste runs to royal, religious or red light, you'd better run fast to catch these deals that should leave you lots left over for paddle boats, phat thai and phat fashion accessories to bring back home. Now go live it up and Thai one on, the savings are on us and you'll find them all here!

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Seoul Food Sale

To answer that age-old question of hardcore carnivores everywhere, Seoul is where the beef is. For those of you who like your meat red, rare, thinly sliced and lightly seared, the city might feel like one big hibachi with a potent side order of kimchi as a serious sidekick.

We've found some smoking fares that should get you all fired up and raring to go for as little as $660 from Portland, $780 from Denver or Minneapolis, and $830 from New York, all including taxes and all in April.

So stop playing chopsticks and pack your own favorite pair instead. Your table is waiting and you've got to get cracking while these hunks of burning coal are still hot. Check out what's cooking from your city right here!

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Same Sale, Different Day on USA3000

Posted by Alisa B on Monday, March 17, 2008

Where one sale ends, another begins on USA3000 today.  It's St. Patty's Day this go-round and the "luck of the Irish," as USA3000 calls it, is extending the last sale for all intents and purposes.  It's $20.00 off on a round trip or $10.00 off on a one way for travel dates between April 1 and June 13, 2008.  Purchases must be made by 11:59 p.m. on March 24, 2008.  Enter the word "GREEN" in the promo box at the time of booking only on USA3000's site.  Seats are limited and taxes and fees are additional.

Categories: Domestic US Fares

New Service and Some New Fares for Allegiant Air

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Allegiant Air will be starting new service between Las Vegas and Santa Barbara.   The first flight on this route will be on May 22, 2008 from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas with service 3 times weekly on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Seats are currently being sold at fares of $39.00 each way plus tax/fees.  Allegiant fares can only be booked on their easy- to -use site.  

We have also found some considerable fare drops of $20.00 -$40.00 on Allegiant, mostly for travel in May/June or May and beyond.  These  are unadvertised and you need to check their site often to catch them.  They also still have a host of $19.00 fares available system-wide.  These are only on very isolated March or April dates.  Pays to take a look!

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Skybus checked bag fee now more than their fares

Posted by George Hobica on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Skybus, the little upstart airline famous for its $10 fares, just raised the fee it charges for checked luggage. It used to be $5 for the first and second bag, but now it's $12 each way. So you could pay more for your bag than your seat. (If you check your bag in online, you'll save $2).

That's for the first two bags 50 pounds or less in weight, so long as they're not oversized. Each additional bag will cost $50.

But Skybus charges a lot less for oversized and overweight bags than other airlines do: just $25 for each oversized bag, and an additional $25 if that bag is also overweight.  Still, two oversized and overweight bags will set you back $148 on a round-trip journey. See full details.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Virgin America wants you to "Try & Fly"

Posted by Alisa B on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In their latest sale, Virgin America wants to know "what you're waiting for."  Their "Try & Fly Sale" ends this Friday, March 14, 2008.  Fares range from $39.00 to $139.00 each way depending on route (various service to/from San Fran, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington, D.C./Dulles, New York/JFK.)

We have seen Virgin America offer similar fares in the past and this time, we even found some fares a few dollars less than those advertised in the "Try & Fly Sale."  It's worth a gander!  Fares do not include some taxes and fees.  Restrictions apply.  Bookings must be made by March 14, 2008.  Travel valid from March 25, 2008 - May 21,  2008.  Seats may be limited.


Categories: Domestic US Fares
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