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Allegiant Reduces Fares Again!

Posted by Alisa B on Thursday, February 28, 2008

For the second time in as many days, Allegiant Air has reduced their fares to ridiculously low levels!  There are now $19.00 fares for the taking across their route system.  Just check their site and cash in!  Too many fares to mention.  Some only valid in one direction.  They can be easily combined with the lowest available fares in the other direction to make round trips, if desired.  They're easy enough to find and are generally sprinkled throughout March and April.  We're guessing this will be a very short-lived thing. Act quickly!

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The New French Connection Redux

Following up on last week's article about the new Los Angeles to London Heathrow service, we're happy to tell you that Air France has once again reintroduced their introductory fares starting at $440 for spring flings and going up to $850 for early summer departures through end of June, with the best fares petering out mid-month.

Earlier sales have included amazing peak summer deals as low as $875 (jump to our Fare of the Day column and scroll down to see a sample if you don't believe us), but unfortunately the current sale period does not extend that far.

This quickie sale ends tomorrow, February 28, but don't assume you have until end of business or even midnight your time, because Air France runs on Central Europen time and their sales seem to end when Paris goes home for the day.

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US Air adds $25 second bag fee

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Following in United's jetstream, US Air will begin charging $25 for a second bag weighing no more than 50 pounds. This applies to all economy class fares, even full fare ones, with the exception of those bought by upper tier frequent flyers. Some other exceptions apply, such as military and unaccompanied minors. The fee goes into place for travel on or after May 5, 2008. We expect other airlines to add a secon bag fee in coming weeks. So pack light or pay the piper.

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Allegiant Cities on Sale

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Allegiant  Airlines has lowered many of their fares by $20 - $40 or in some rare cases even more.  The reduced fares are for travel from April onward and in as much as this is an unadvertised sale, hopping on the band-wagon quickly is a prudent action.  Fares disappear as quickly as they appear and you might want to put the money in your pocket before the vanishing act occurs!  Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix/Mesa, Las Vegas, Clearwater/St. Pete and Orlando/Sanford are their main hubs with service to numerous airports all over the U.S.  Fares are reversible and bookable as one way fares as well.  Grab seats while the going is good.  Allegiant's fares are normally low and are all non-stops, although they do charge a $9 online booking fee and checked baggage also incurs a per bag fee.

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National Parks on Sale

Posted by Jonathan Weinberg on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American has a nice promotion going on right now for 20% off flights to cities which are gateways to our National Parks.  These cities include:

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado (COS)
  • El Paso, Texas (ELP)
  • Fresno, California (FAT)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (PHX)
  • Sacramento, California (SMF)

This deal is available for travel from August 4, 2008 through September 30, 2008.  Note that the minimum roundtrip base fare before discount must be at least $200 to be eligible for the 20% off promotion and that a one night minimum stay is required.

Reservations must be made via the American Airlines website using the promotion code DFPARKGO by March 4, 2008.

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What airline consolidation might bring

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It looks like the major airlines are seriously considering mergers.

Will it bring higher fares?

Here's the take in Q&A form:

Q: Will mergers cause a huge spike in airfares?

A: I’m not so sure this will happen. First, let’s admit that adjusted for inflation, airfares are incredibly cheap. Twenty years ago, you would pay more to fly in inflation adjusted dollars than you do now. According to  the Air Transport Association of America, admittedly an industry trade group, the inflation-adjusted cost of domestic air travel has dropped by 50% since deregulation, from 8 cents per mile to 4 cents per mile today, in 1978 dollars.

When American bought TWA, fares increased for a while on certain routes, but then we saw the creation and expansion of discount carriers, such as Airtran, Skybus, ATA, JetBlue, Spirit, Frontier, Virgin America, and Southwest, and probably the same thing will happen again.

If there’s a Delta/Northwest merger, Atlanta fares will be kept low as long as Airtran keeps flying, and fares into and out of Minneapolis, already high since that airport is a Northwest Airlines “fortress hub” with little low cost carrier competition, mainly from Airtran, probably won’t go much higher. Detroit is also a Northwest hub, but perhaps the combined airline will close hubs (for example, they may not want to keep both Cincinnati and Detroit) and that might open the way for a discount airline, such as Southwest, to take over gates and landing slots in the closed hub(s). Although it’s a small carrier, Sun Country keeps Northwest on its toes in MSP, and perhaps with the merger Delta will have to give up its (admittedly few) gates and landing slots in MSP and hand them over to a discount carrier.

What we won’t see anymore are those crazy retaliatory, tit-for-tat unadvertised hub airport fare wars. That’s when Delta would lower fares out of Northwest’s hubs to ridiculously low levels and then Northwest would return the favor out of Delta’s hubs a few hours later. This sort of irrational behavior may be history, so we’re not going to see as many unadvertised fare wars.

Q: What about other costs associated with flying, such as extra fees?

A: Airline fees may indeed increase. For example, United is one of the few airlines that refunds, without charging a fee, when you buy a fare and it goes down in price before you fly (in the form of a voucher good for future travel within a year). Continental, however, charges a $100 fee in such a scenario. So I wouldn’t be surprised, should the two airlines merge, if the Continental fee prevails. Conversely, Continental would probably adopt United's $25 second bag fee. Airline fees, for everything from bringing a pet into the cabin to rebanking frequent flyer miles, just keep on going up and up, and often add a surprising amount to the cost of flying. It will also be easier to push through fuel surcharges as oil prices continue to increase.

Q: What about international fares?

A: Luckily, there isn’t much overlap between Delta’s and Northwest’s international routes. Delta flies mostly to Europe, and Northwest is big on trans-Pacific routes. In fact, the two airlines don’t compete all that much domestically, either. Plus, the new “open skies” agreements, which allow foreign airlines more leeway to fly between the US and foreign airports, may keep fares from spiking too terribly, and may also keep service levels from plunging.

Q: Will other airlines merge if Northwest and Delta combine?

A: Most likely. We might see Continental merge with United, and perhaps US Air would buy a smaller carrier such as Airtran or Frontier. American, which bought Midway and TWA at the end of the last century, might also buy another small carrier, but anti-trust concerns would probably preclude it from swallowing up a larger player.

Q: What will happen to my frequent flyer miles?

A: If you have 10,000 miles on Northwest, and 15,000 on Delta, you’ll have 25,000 combined on Delta (assuming that the new airline is named Delta, which is most likely). No miles will be lost. However, and it's a big however, I wouldn't be surprised if the airlines, post-merger, increase the number of miles required for free trips. After all, if there are just three or four major carriers, who you gonna complain to?

To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Spirit Airlines promo code sales

Posted by George Hobica on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Always innovative and scrappy, Spirit Airlines is offering several promo codes to save you money on their already low fares. You won't find these fares on Kayak, Orbitz, etc and they won't show up in that airfare prediction site, not that you can really predict exactly when airfares will go up or down.

Anyway here's the deal:

Use promo code 24HOURS (all caps) to save $24 roundtrip through Feb 20 midnight ET for travel Feb 21-April 14

Use promo code SAVE48 to get $48 off roundtrip for travel April 15 to Aug 31.

Use promo code SAVE72 to get $72 off roundtrip on fares to or from Los Angeles for travel Sept 1-30.


To learn more, visit George Hobica's profile on Google+

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Your Ontario Exit Strategy

Quick, what's the cheapest way out of the country, barring a jump across the Rio Grande or a day-trip to Tijuana? In a word, Canada!

Even if you live as far away as Texas, California or Florida, it may be time to start thinking of our docile neighbor to the north as your new springboard to the world, with Toronto as your own private getaway gateway.

Ironically, getting to Canada is rarely a bargain, but as long as you promise not to stay you can cash in the savings on your onward journey. These days you'd be hard put to find a cheaper way to China, and Air Canada looks set to reprise its Oscar-winning performance as last year's low-price leader to London.

To cinch the deal, they have quietly extended their already low winter sale fares far into spring and even lowered some of them, just to shake off the competition. Fares for spring travel through end of April start around $450 from either coast and go up about $100 more from the Midwest and the Deep South.

Decent fares are also available to Zurich, which seems to be emerging as an unlikely bargain destination for travel to Central Europe this year.

Categories: Europe/Africa/Middle East Airfares, Asia/Australasia Airfares

Virgin America reminds us it's LEAP YEAR!

Posted by Alisa B on Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Virgin America has found yet one more February cause for a celebration sale.  It's LEAP YEAR, everyone!  As February winds down, we've already observed Ground Hog Day, felt the love on Valentine's Day and celebrated our presidents.  Thought we got them all?  Nope.  Once every 4 years, a leap year rolls around and we get an extra day to work hard, play hard or have the airlines find something to shout about.  Virgin America is shouting about their Leap Year sale and you can find their fares listed on our site.  The routes included in this promotion include non-stop service from San Francisco and Los Angeles to San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, Washington, DC (Dulles) and New York (JFK).

Fares may be booked on Virgin America's site by February 22, 2008, require a 7 day advance purchase and are good for travel through May 21, 2008.  Restrictions apply and fares range from $39.00 each way to $129.00 each way plus taxes and fees.  These fares are for Virgin America's Main Cabin.  While you're checking this promotion out,  you might want to look at their very reasonable First Class fares as well.  What the heck!   It's  LEAP YEAR!

Categories: Domestic US Fares

Save $25 (or more) on Airtran

Posted by Jonathan Weinberg on Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Airtran has a particularly nice deal going on right now, and we at have discovered a way to make it just a bit better for our loyal readers.  Here's the scoop...

Surf on over to and click on the link to sign up for their NetEscapes mailing list.  Once you sign up, they will email you a coupon code for $25 off good for any flight through September 30, 2008.  Couldn't be much easier to save a few bucks right?

Well, our intrepid fare researchers have discovered that you can actually double the savings and get $50 off a roundtrip flight if you follow a couple of easy steps:

1. Sign up twice for the NetEscapes newsletter to get a second coupon code.  You'll need a second email address to do this, but most people have one already, and if not, there's always Gmail.

2. When booking your flight, instead of making one roundtrip reservation and using a single coupon, book two separate one-way reservations and use a $25 coupon on each for a total savings of $50!

Airtran has some nice discounted fares right now such as New York (LGA) to Orlando non-stop for $162 roundtrip.  Using the method above gets it down to $112 which is quite a deal if we do say so ourselves.

Book quickly because this deal expires by February 17th.

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