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New Virgin America Routes (Los Angeles/San Fran - Ft. Lauderdale)

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Virgin America, with all the bells and whistles they provide, is set to get you from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale!  Non-stop flights on these new routes commence on November 18, 2009 at $198 round trip (taxes and fees additional) if you book by August 25.  Advance purchase and other restrictions apply as usual.   Seats limited at this fare.   Virgin America is boasting almost a million "Elevate" members (Elevate is V.A.'s frequent flyer club for the uninitiated) in just two years.  That deserves some bragging rights, so if you haven't yet experienced V.A. flight, maybe the new routes will tempt you!

San Francisco to Ft Lauderdale $198 round-trip

Los Angeles to Ft Lauderdale $198 round-trip

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Membership has its benefits!

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, February 18, 2009

If you're a member of Virgin Atlantic's Flying Club (their frequent flyer program), chances are you've recently received an e-mail from them with a 25% off promo -  not on Virgin Atlantic, but on Virgin America.   Virgin America is celebrating the launch of its new Boston service and cleverly is taking advantage of their "growing relationship," as they call it, with Virgin Atlantic.  (This, of course, is what the legacy carriers who lobbied against Virgin America's start-up in the first place feared).  The promo is for Flying Club members  (though it is transferable and good for a one time use only) and provides a unique code which the user must enter  when booking any Virgin America domestic flight for travel before April 1, 2009 (good for Main Cabin reservations only.)  Virgin America's new Boston routes include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orange County, San Franciso, San Diego and Seattle and start at fares of $119 each way plus taxes/fees.  Restrictions apply and reservations must be made on Virgin America's website only.

No Flying Club miles will be earned for flights taken under this promotion but it's not a long shot to guess that in the future this might be the case.   If you didn't get an e-mail from Virgin Atlantic, it's time to make friends with someone who did!  Membership does have its benefits!

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USA3000 Resuming Service from Milwaukee to Ft. Myers

Posted by Alisa B on Monday, November 10, 2008

On December 18, 2008, USA3000 will resume service from Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport to Ft. Myer's Southwest Florida International Airport.  Service will be 6 times weekly and as always, USA3000 offers only nonstop flights.  Grab some seats while they're incredibly cheap for winter travel away from the cold!  At only $80 each way (plus tax and fees) it's a steal.  Fares can be bought one way!  Book on the USA3000 website and be sure to check the "flexible traveler" option to see the lowest fares.    We were able to find some scarce seats from Milwaukee to Cancun as well. Those fares, starting at $249 each way plus tax/fees aren't quite so reasonable but may change so keep checking their site.  In any event, they're nonstops as well and may help get you to sun and fun without any flight connections.  We'd expect that down the line, the possibility of other destinations from the Milwaukee gateway may pop up as well.

One other note, while we're at it - for USA3000's service from Chicago to St. Pete/Clearwater, Florida, also commencing on December 18, if you put the word "CHANGES" in the promo box on their website, you'll get an extra $5 off the already low $95 fare in each direction (January onward.)



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New Bozeman -Las Vegas Allegiant Air Service

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Adding to the Las Vegas line-up, Allegiant Air will begin service between Bozeman, MT and Las Vegas on October 9, 2008 with twice weekly service.  October 12, 2008 is the first flight originating from Las Vegas heading to Bozeman.  Introductory fares start at $79 each way and no round trip purchase is required.  Taxes and fees are additional.  Some restrictions apply.  The $79 fare must be booked by September 3, 2008 and is good for travel through January 31, 2009.  After the introductory period, fares will start at $99 each way.

This new Allegiant Air service will be the only non-stop all jet service between these two cities.  


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USA3000 "Early Bird Special"

Posted by Alisa B on Monday, August 11, 2008

The latest USA3000 "sale" installment again allows a $10 reduction for each flight segment purchased for domestic travel only between now and April 30, 2009.  Though they advertise these domestic routes to include their service to/from Ft. Myers, St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale, the fact of the matter is that it largely applies to the Ft. Myers market only.  Service to/from St. Pete and Ft. Lauderdale ends early next week at the very latest.  Tough to book a round trip in those markets, though if you're only looking for a last minute one-way, we suppose it might possibly be useful.

In any event, the nitty-gritty of the matter is that you'll need to access the USA3000 site to book and enter the word "BIRD" in the promo box.  Be sure to check the flexible traveler box to find lowest fares, which range from $65 to $100 each way to/from Ft. Myers and Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and St. Louis.  Travel is permitted from now through April 30, 2009 and you know by now that not all dates will yield these fares.  Seats are limited and taxes and fees are additional.  We've listed the fares on our site already reflecting the "BIRD" reduction.  Tickets must be purchased no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on August 18, 2008.

So, even if you can't travel very soon and/or at the sample fares mentioned above , put $20 bucks in your pocket.  And pack light - no second bag- or you'll give that $20 and $5 more back to the airline as a second checked bag fee! 

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Launch of 4 New Mesa, Arizona Routes for Allegiant Air

Posted by Alisa B on Friday, August 8, 2008

On various dates in October, Allegiant Air will start to service 4 additional destinations from Phoenix -Mesa.  Fares to Eugene, OR and Great Falls, MT as well as to Medford, OR and Springfield-Branson, MO will range from $69 one-way to $109 one-way depending on the route.  These fares are currently easy to find on Allegiant's user-friendly booking calendar.  Bookings must be made by August 27, 2008  and travel completed by January 31, 2009.  Some restrictions apply and can be found on their site only.   These routes are  served twice weekly in each direction at present.   Get 'em while they're hot!

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A Few New Destinations for Allegiant Air

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Allegiant Air very quietly loaded some new routes onto their website and we listed the fares just as soon as we made the discovery today.  No fanfare, no specific notice made on their site.  Just slipped those little devils in and left our eagle-eyes to catch them.

On August 21, twice weekly service commences between Las Vegas and Appleton, WI.  A bit later, on September 19, Casper, WY  to Las  Vegas  joins the hit parade.    And now, those of you in or near Grand Forks,  ND can get to Las Vegas on Allegiant's non-stop service as well, as of September 29.  Round trip fares currently range from $158.00 - $218.00, depending on the route.  

Although Allegiant already services Mesa, AZ and Rockford, IL to and from other cities, they will begin flights between Mesa and Rockford on October 3 as well at $248.00 round-trip.

All of Allegiant's service is non-stop and all Allegiant fares listed on our site can be purchased as one-ways for 1/2 the round-trip fare.  Allegiant Air is NOT represented on any travel search engine sites.  So, check out Allegiant's site for all booking details.

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Join us in the Sherlock Holmes and Southwest Airlines Game

Posted by Alisa B on Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The airfarewatchdogs among us have recently been playing Sherlock Holmes, as we uncover the mystery of some Southwest Airlines fares.  We've often referred to the Southwest website as being easy to use, very straightforward and user- friendly.  However, we've been listing some fares of late that take some treasure hunt skills on any Southwest user's part.  We thought we'd share this tidbit of info.  What you see, plain as day, is not always the truth!  In this case that many Sherlocks will be solving, Southwest is providing a nice surprise sometimes - fares that are LESS than what meet the eye!

We've noticed this largely in the Denver market but it has popped up elsewhere as well, so just be on alert!  It's a sneaky deal.  If you access the Southwest booking calendar on their site, using their "shortcut,"  and  you click on a set of dates for departure and/or return, you may very well find that the fare that originally seemed like one thing is really a different thing - A LESSER THING!!!  Smile everyone!  For example, check our listing for Denver to Indianapolis.  It would appear very clearly that $89.00 each way is the base fare in September/October.  So, we click on the booking calendar and --eureka! - a fare of $69.00 each way is revealed!  So, you just saved $40.00 on a round- trip!

Calling all Sherlocks!  Tell Watson to bring the magnifying glasses when you're fare solving on Southwest these days. 

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The next USA3000 sale: Florida

Posted by Alisa B on Monday, June 30, 2008

By now you probably know the drill.  USA3000 is doing their usual sale thing and offering $10.00 off on each booked segment (that would be a $20.00 reduction on a round trip purchase) from various cities to their Florida destinations.  This promotion is valid for travel between now and December 15, 2008 (though some itineraries are not bookable much past the summer).  You must enter the word "FESTIVAL" in the promo code box at time of booking only on the USA3000 site.  Bookings must be made by midnight on July 7, 2008.  Seats are limited, restrictions apply and we've listed fares on our site which already represent the $20.00 reduction on a round trip.  Taxes and fees are additional.

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USA3000 Sale?

Posted by Alisa B on Monday, May 19, 2008

Okay .  By now you may be used to USA3000's $10.00 off sales and they're at it again.  This time, purchases must be made by 11:59 p.m. EST on May 26, 2008.  Travel from now through August 31, 2008 and you must use the word "SIZZLE" in the promo box at time of booking on the USA3000 site.  Seats are limited and other restrictions apply.

The interesting thing this time is that we've become conditioned by USA3000's sales to take $10.00 off in each direction we fly.  This time, although their small print says "fares are available for one-way travel," when we booked a round trip between any two points, our savings was only $10.00, not $20.00.  We are not certain what's "sizzling" here.  Perhaps there is just a glitch in the booking mechanism on their site.  For now, so that we don't misrepresent their fares, we've listed USA3000 sale fares with only a $10.00 reduction on a round trip.  However, 2 one-way bookings make a round -trip, if you know what  we mean (wink, wink.)   You might be able to get the $20.00 savings we've become accustomed to with USA3000 if you're creative in your booking.

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