Our Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

Tracy Stewart, June 07, 2011
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    We get asked a lot of questions here at AFWD and --chalk it up to great minds thinking alike --some questions we see in our inbox on an almost daily basis. So we thought we'd take a sec to round-up some of these frequently asked questions (besides the usual "Who does your hair?" Ok, no one ever asks that. But hey, you could show a little interest!). If you haven't pondered the answer to at least one of these, chances are you will down the road.

    Bereavement Fares

    Q. There's been a death in the family and I need to fly to _______ tomorrow. All the fares I've seen for a last minute trip are beyond expensive. Are bereavement fares still an option?

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    Consolidator Fares

    Q. I hear about consolidators all the time. Which ones, if any, are reliable? Should I even consider it?

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    Travel Insurance

    Q. Do you recommend buying travel insurance, even on shorter trips? And is it possible to buy after booking my flight?

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    When to Buy?

    Q. When is the best time of the week to find the lowest fares? I've always been told Tuesdays and Wednesays. Is that true?

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    Split Fares

    Q. I wanted to buy a ticket from A to C but it was $1000. Then I discovered that the fare from A to B was only $300, and a second fare from B to C would only cost $200 round-trip. I called the airline rep and was told I'd have to buy a through ticket and couldn't split the fare. Why not?

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    Fair Credit Billing Act

    Q. What happens if I buy a ticket and the airline goes belly up?  Will travel insurance protect me?

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    Nonstop vs. Direct

    Q. What's the difference between a nonstop flight and a "direct" flight? Or are they the same thing?

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    Against all Odds

    Q. I have a very narrow window of time in which to make my connection from ______ to _____ and I'm worried I may miss it. What are my chances?

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    Skipping a leg of your trip

    Q. I recently was trying to get a good fare from A to B, and was not having much luck when I thought I would try departing from C. I found a great deal but then saw it connects in A. Can I just scrap C and get on in A, like I wanted to in the first place?

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    Lost Luggage

    Q. My luggage was lost and the sum the airline is offering in compensation is nowhere near their limit of liability. What can I do?

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