Air Canada's webSavers

Tracy Stewart, March 23, 2011
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Air Canada has released their latest batch of webSavers. Rules and restrictions vary by route, though most domestic flights are valid March 30 through June 23. Tickets must be purchased by 23:59 ET/20:59 PDT on the ticketing deadline date. Certain flights may not be offered on each day of the week. The fares indicated are not valid on seasonal route past the last date the flight operates.

    Check our fare details for rules and restrictions specific to each route. Fares include:

    Winnipeg to Toronto $338 round-trip

    Montreal to Calgary $458 round-trip

    Toronto to Calgary $438 round-trip

    Fredericton to Ottawa $318 round-trip

    Toronto to Windsor $444 round-trip

    Thunder Bay to Winnipeg $258 round-trip

    Winnipeg to Halifax $498 round-trip

    Toronto to St John $318 round-trip