Web Specials from Alaska Airlines

Tracy Stewart, March 14, 2011
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Alaska Airlines' current crop of Web Specials features some swell fares for travel between Alaska & the Pacific Northwest. Valid travel dates may vary by route, though you'll find most available from April 26 through May 11. Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights or all days. Some markets may not operate daily service. All fares require immediate purchase.

    Visit AlaskaAir.com for more info. Fares include:

    Fresno to Seattle $218 round-trip

    Fresno to Ketchikan $498 round-trip

    Anchorage to Bethel $278 round-trip

    Ketchikan to Seattle $358 round-trip

    San Jose to Portland $218 round-trip

    Seattle to Billings $258 round-trip

    Anchorage to Cordova $218 round-trip

    Ketchikan to Portland $438 round-trip

    Oakland to Kelowna $380 round-trip

    Billings to Kelowna $424 round-trip

    Ketchikan to Petersburg $238 round-trip