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May 10, 2010
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Here we've gathered links to some of the useful articles we've written over the years.

    Getting the cheapest airfare

    Everything you need to know about buying airfare in 500 words or less

    Our best tips for finding low fares

    How student airfares can save you money

    All about fare classes

    Deciphering airline fare codes

    All about consolidator fares, part 1

    All about consolidator fares, part 2

    How code shares save you money

    Flexible date airfare search: who offers what

    How to use Orbitz' flexible date search

    How to use Cheapair's flexible date search

    How to use Travelocity's flexible date search

    Airline fees

    Airline baggage fee chart

    Airlines that charge for advance seat selection

    11 new airline fees you could see one day?

    Airline fee charts

    Miscellaneous airline fee chart

    Airline regulations

    United's Rule 240 still rules

    Changes in the air for same day flight changes

    Book the wrong flight? Some airlines will let you off the hook

    The "flat tire rule": remnant or rescue?

    8 airline regulations we need now

    Rule 240, revisited

    Flying in comfort

    5 airlines that make it easy and cheap to upgrade your seat

    Which airlines and planes offer the most legroom?

    Surviving long tarmac delays

    All about snagging exit row seats

    Airline clubs: a refuge from the maddening crowds?

    Tips for snagging a more comfortable seat

    Making your gripes heard

    Using Twitter to complain to airlines

    Insurance matters

    How "excess valuation" can protect your checked luggage

    How to avoid a $100,000 airfare

    All about medical evacuation coverage

    Your airline wants to sell you insurance. Should you buy?

    Should you buy travel insurance from your airline?

    Frequent flyer miles

    Preserve frequent flyer miles and get bonus miles on top

    Frequent flyer fee chart

    Where to sign up for airline promo code fares and other special offers

    New fees make frequent flyer tickets less "free"

    Why a cash back credit card might be better than collecting miles

    Why shipping luggage ahead makes more cents than paying bag fees

    Inheriting frequent flyer miles

    Why skycaps might be your best friend at the airport

    Meta search engines vs. online travel agencies

    Using frequent flyer miles wisely

    Avoiding problems

    8 travel snafus and how travel insurance could help...or not

    Leave something on the plane? Here's some advice

    New to Airfarewatchdog? A users guide

    How airfare alert sites compare

    Avoiding lost luggage blues

    Watch out skyway robberies

    10 tips for avoiding delayed/cancelled flights

    Passenger Rights

    Flying from or within Europe? Read your rights

    When your nonstop flight becomes a connecting flight

    Airline passenger rights, such as they are

    You've been bumped. Now what?

    That "free" airline voucher could cost you

    Flying with the little ones

    Taking the pets for plane ride

    Baby on board? Some timely tips

    Advice on infant airfares

    Top tips for flying with tots

    Making sure your unaccompanied minor gets on the right plane

    10 reasons to go right now!

    10 reasons to go to Las Vegas right now!

    10 reasons to visit Chicago right now!

    10 reasons to visit New Orleans right now!


    "Share a ride" jet charters

    Bored before boarding? Some remedies

    The 10 easiest airports to get to and from

    Cash abroad: ATMs, currency, or travelers checks?

    Q&A interview with George Hobica

    Top 10 frequently asked questions