Milwaukee sale good, minus the part about fares to Milwaukee

Tracy Stewart, March 24, 2009
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Well looky here! Midwest has a new sale to/from Milwaukee. The only problem? It's not that great. However, whilest poking around that sale, we did find plenty of other fares - good ones! - on Midwest routes that don't include Milwaukee. And with the exact same rules of purchase as their advertised Milwaukee sale! Take a look:

    Atlanta to Des Moines $218 round-trip

    Appleton to New York $218 round-trip

    Des Moines to New York $218 round-trip

    Newark to Grand Rapids $218 round-trip

    Grand Rapids to Los Angeles $288 round-trip

    Grand Rapids to New York $218 round-trip

    Minneapolis to Des Moines $138 round-trip

    All fare must be purchased by March 30 (14 day advance purchase) and are good for travel between April 7 and October 2. For more of these fares, check our city pages for Minneapolis, Grand Rapids, and Appelton.