Students save 11% on JetBlue

Jonathan Weinberg, February 04, 2009
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    JetBlue has partnered with ISIC to offer full-time students an 11% discount on all of their flights.

    ISIS is a non-profit organization that issues student identity cards worldwide.  Individuals must purchase an ISIC identity card to be eligible for the discount.  The annual cost of the card is $22.  ISIC's website lists the following eligibility requirements:

    Full-time students age 12 & over currently enrolled for the academic year 2008-2009 at an accredited institution and matriculating towards a diploma or a degree. (Continuing education and language school students are not eligible).

    You will need either a photocopy of school ID showing validity for 2008-2009 or a photocopy of your transcript/report card/tuition bill receipt for 2008-2009 academic year.

    This can be a great deal for students and for parents traveling with kids who meet the eligibility requirements.  The $22 ISIC membership can easily pay for itself in one or two trips on JetBlue.  Additionally, the card offers other discounts such as 15% off on Amtrak, 10% on purchases and many others.  See ISIC's website for additional information.

    Details on the program can be found on JetBlue's website here.