American Airlines European Sale

March 27, 2007
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    American Airlines has announced a fare sale from major U.S. airports to some of its European destinations, including Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Manchester, Paris, and Zurich.

    Fares are competitive, but not always exceptional, and depending on your individual itinerary you might find better deals with other airlines, so be sure to use the Orbitz 30-day flexible search tool to plan your travels.

    However, one notable feature of the sale is the generous 60-day maximum stay on fares to London and Manchester, which allows you to spend June and most of July in Europe for what is essentially the price of a spring ticket. As you can see from the samples below, we found fares available for even longer stays.

    • Buy before March 29
    • Leave before May 27
    • Return before June 27 (from continental Europe) or
      July 27 (from United Kingdom)

    Fare samples
    All fares are calculated for longer stays (depart 21/05 or 22/05, return 17/07 or 18/07), rounded for clarity, and include all taxes.

      London Manchester
    New York $560* $560
    Boston $600*    $600
    Atlanta $690 $690
    Miami $670 $680 (2)
    Chicago $680* $680 (3)
    Dallas $690 $715
    Houston $710 (1)     $705
    Los Angeles         $710 $710 (2)

    *  We also found fares for stays beyond the official 60-day maximum.
    1) $700 on British Airways (non-stop)
    2) $620 on US Airways
    3) $600 on US Airways