St. Patrick's Day Sale from Southwest

Tracy Stewart, March 17, 2017
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Save on flights for spring/late summer travel with the current St. Patrick's Day sale from Southwest.

    Fares are valid for domestic nonstop travel from April 8 through June 14, and again from August 22 through September 27.

    Tickets must be booked by 11:59pm, March 19.

    Please note, these fares are only available on Other carriers regularly match these sale fares, so be sure to compare to find the best deal.

    Fares include:

    Baltimore to Atlanta $174 round-trip

    Baltimore to Charlotte $226 round-trip

    Tampa to Baltimore $236 round-trip

    Phoenix to Las Vegas $98 round-trip

    Phoenix to Austin $278 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Las Vegas $128 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Austin $288 round-trip

    Portland to Oakland $126 round-trip

    Chicago to Baltimore $260 round-trip

    Seattle to San Diego $198 round-trip

    Raleigh-Durham to Houston $208 round-trip

    San Diego to Austin $218 round-trip

    Salt Lake City to Oakland $162 round-trip

    Jacksonville to Baltimore $260 round-trip