Winter Sale from Air New Zealand

Tracy Stewart, January 11, 2017
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    Save on flights to New Zealand from Los Angeles and San Francisco with the current sale from Air New Zealand.

    From Los Angeles, fares are valid from February 13 through April 18, May 2 through June 21, July 24 through September 17, November 1 through November 26, and from San Francisco from April 5 through June 12, August 4 through September 17, November 1 through November 14.

    Stopovers in Auckland or Rarotonga are allowed at no charge. Additional stopovers (up to 5 permitted in total) are available at $100 each.

    Tickets must be booked by January 31.

    Fares include:

    Los Angeles to Auckland $874 round-trip, nonstop

    San Francisco to Christchurch $944 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Christchurch $944 round-trip

    San Francisco to Wellington $944 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Wellington $944 round-trip

    San Francisco to Rotorua $1,114 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Rotorua $1,114 round-trip

    San Francisco to Nelson $1,142 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Nelson $1,142 round-trip

    San Francisco to Queenstown $944 round-trip

    Los Angeles to Queenstown $944 round-trip