Unadvertised Fall Sale

Peter Thornton, September 23, 2013
Fares from Washington DC, District of Columbia:

    We've seen plenty of routes priced lower than the usual sale fares for fall travel between Oct. 28 - Nov. 25, 2013. This is an unadvertised sale and fares could be pulled at anytime. We initially saw these fares on Southwest, but other airlines have matched this sale on many routes across the country.  

    Sample fares include:

    Phoenix to Las Vegas $144 round-trip including taxes

    Columbus to Nashville $167 round-trip including taxes

    Minneapolis/St. Paul to Pittsburgh $219 round-trip including taxes

    Denver to Miami $278 round-trip including taxes

    Newark to Phoenix $314 round-trip including taxes

    Sacramento to Denver $252 round-trip including taxes

    Grand Rapids to Denver $272 round-trip including taxes

    St. Louis to Minneapolis/St. Paul $190 round-trip including taxes

    Salt Lake City to Denver $152 round-trip including taxes

    Image via Shutterstock